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Renter's Insurance Questions

Renter's Insurance is the first step to protecting your belongings and covers the things you need while renting an apartment or home. Be sure to contact us should you have questions regarding coverage, rates, or to book with an agent just visit our homepage and begin your free online quote!

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It depends. Some landlords require you to have renter's insurance to protect your own belongings. Just because they have a homeowner's policy, this does not cover your own items should they be damaged or stolen. It is best to have a renter's policy of your own and rates are very reasonable with SureGo.

Depending on your coverage options, a renter’s insurance policy covers your personal items lost due to: theft, fire, lightning, smoke, windstorms, hail, vandalism. In addition, some policies provide liability coverage should a visitor be injured or their property damaged while in your home. Some policies cover living expenses if you’re forced to live elsewhere due to a covered loss.
If your apartment or home contains anything of value, yes. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a rented property is 79% more likely to be burglarized than an owned property. If your possessions are lost due to theft, fire or certain weather-related causes, you would likely be on your own to replace them if you’re without renters insurance.
Personal liability protection covers unintentional bodily injury and property damage. For example, if a guest in your home is unintentionally injured and sues you for damages, personal liability insurance protects you against financial loss up to your policy limit. It may also help cover legal defense costs.
According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average cost of a renters insurance policy is between $15-$30 per month.